Seven Kingdoms

The term "The Seven Kingdoms" is used commonly to describe 7 major power structures that existed in the Prosperity prior to the Chaos Wars. Although it is not an entirely correct description, since only three of them were ruled by kings in their own right (one of whom styled himself as emperor, rather than king) it has become by far the most common. It was first described as such by humans, as a feudal style of government is most familiar to them, but has since been adopted by the other races.

The seven kingdoms were

Deep Wood elves found their homes on three of the four inhabited continents in those parts of the World where the forests were dense, dark and for the most part unexplored by other races. They were known to display cautious courtesy with humans and to function partly as a diplomatic facade to the Elven world, as it is known that most elves are not part of any organized political entity. Even Deep Wood itself was only loosely ruled by a council, whose source and division of power is not well understood today. Their kingdom was not restricted by geography or any form of physical structure, which has always been difficult for the other races to accept. During the chaos wars the elves quietly abandoned Deep Wood, as they no longer saw a use for it.

Anvil was ruled by king Alek Goldfist, who was the patriarch of the Silverbell clan. He rose to gather several Dwarven clans under him and pronounced himself king with support from rulers of The United Realms. Goldfist found that feudal rule provided a convenient way to extend power structures far beyond the rigid traditional familial system most dwarves know. This also helped trade with the humans who found the structure of Dwarven society strange and unfamiliar at the best of times, and indeed what followed was a period of prosperity. Anvil and all of the land under Goldfist could be found scattered across mountain ranges on the continent of Ourania. Remnants of his kingdom may still be found today.

The Copperpick dwarves still claim to be the oldest known dwarven clan. Whether that is true or not, none dispute that they are the most numerous. They may be found in The Great Echo which is the largest known mountain range. It can be found on the ancient continent of Esperia. One of the biggest obstacles to ensuring peace with the dwarves was to end the constant disputes between dwarves and humans that have taken place since humans settled on the continent. The Oldest Council, which is the governing body of the Copperpick clan, finally agreed to an uneasy peace, although they never established much in the way of mutual trade. The Copperpick dwarves still believe humans are an unwelcome intrusion on land that rightfully belongs to the dwarves, in spite of the fact that elves have been seen to inhabit the continent for as far back as recorded history allows.

Heaven is a poor translation to the common tongue of the name of the human kingdom which was under the rule of Emperor Quizesh. It originates from a word that can be used to mean transcendence, superiority or the concept of a higher mode of existence. This is the name that the people of Heaven gave to their home continent which was considered by rights part of their empire, although it in the common language is known as Ludia. The Ludians have a history of extreme and almost constant violence and war. It was only in recent decades before the chaos wars that they were able to unite their empire, which is a feat that has only been seen a few times in their recorded history. However, during the turmoil of the chaos wars the internal stability of their empire faltered and soon it was no more.

The United Realms was a confederation of human kingdoms and principalities across Ourania. Many of them are ancient and have their own languages and customs, although culture has always flowed across their borders and their international relationships are a complex mix of admiration, envy, friendly rivalry and bitter conflict. They not under the rule of one supreme king, each ruler took part in a council. Many of the decisions of the council related to laws regarding trade and taxation, as well as the settlement of old debts and rivalries. It is still a marvel to many Ouranians that such a structure could ever have existed and commanded any authority. It eventually was dismantled because rulers failed to uphold the tariffs and limitations placed on their kingdoms. This eventually lead to resignations from the union. A few years after the complete abandonment of the union the chaos war followed. Ourania suffered very heavily under the Chaos Wars. It is said that entire cultures were destroyed during those decades to such a degree that no trace of their language or history remains today. It is still among Ouranians that most Halfling settlements can be found where they have lived alongside the humans and identified themselves as subjects to human kingdoms, sharing their language and culture.

Asteria is the one remaining of the seven kingdoms, but it is in poor shape. The current ruler king Louis VII is only a 14 year old boy and the entire kingdom suffered heavily during the Chaos Wars. Dukedoms are only loosely organized by matter of convention rather than actual structure and maintenance. The countryside is ridden with bandits and raiders and even darker forces still. At the beginning of the wars, loyal retainers to then king Edward IV betrayed and murdered him. What follows was a brutal power struggle between two of the mightiest noble-houses of Asteria, which after 2 generations was settled by a marriage pact.

Five Rivers was the elven kingdom most removed from the rest of the world. Not much is known about the elves that lived on the continent of Themia, although they were occasionally seen traveling among the seven kingdoms during the Prosperity. The Chaos Wars never reached Five rivers, and their kingdom persisted although to outsiders it is not known how or why. Some of the most wondrous and legendary artifacts of the world are said to originate from Five Rivers and any manufactured crafts are worth a fortune.

Seven Kingdoms

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