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It is the fate of that which has been united to be torn asunder and that which is in pieces to be reunited


Before the war there were seven kingdoms. Two of them belonged to the elves, two were dwarven and three human. These had been aligned in friendly coexistence ensured in part by their mutual economic dependence as well as geographic connectivity. This prosperous age had not come about on its own. It took many hundreds of years of concentrated efforts of diplomats, philosophers and isolated wise rulers to orchestrate a world which was so tightly knit together by specialization of skill, resources and craftsmanship that there seemed to be nothing to gain by disrupting those carefully spun threads that kept the World together.

Then, one has to wonder what happened to initiate the Chaos Wars. But perhaps there is a natural drive among the races of men to compete and strive to better themselves in the eyes of each other. Or perhaps there are always some who consider peace and stability a hindrance to their own mortal ambition, whereas chaos seems to be an elemental spring out of which possibilities, wealth and power may be drawn. Or perhaps, there is evil in the hearts of all men, a natural force which strives to drive us apart and mistrust one another. Are we doomed to never find peace by our cruel nature?

Regardless of the reason, for many have been proposed and each surviving faction has its own account of how the world fell apart, fall apart it did.

The Campaign

Welcome to Set Right Thine Lands! A Dnd campaign set in the World of Himeron. It is a World rich in history and variety.

Our campaign starts with the attempt of 5 unlikely heroes to obtain knighthood. Will they be able to do so? Where will they go from there? What is their fate and how will they come to be remembered? That is entirely in their hands.

The Cogs and Wheels

We will play dnd 5e modified as needed.

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